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How to choose lace fabric? How to distinguish between good and bad lace fabric?

release date: 2017-06-28
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Lace was first used by Europeans in luxury clothing, such as evening dresses and wedding dresses, in the form of clothing accessories. With the development of modern technology, the design and application of lace fabric is quite extensive, almost covering the whole textile industry. In addition to clothing products, a lot of textiles like to integrate into beautiful, gorgeous lace elements for decoration, while women's clothing is sweet. In addition the lace lace fabric is very thin, even the multi-layer design in the clothing, will not give a heavy feeling, and strong light feeling a sense of transparency, wear will be very comfortable and cool, and give a visual elegant and mysterious beauty, so it is often used to close to female private design the clothes.

We often see lace fabric, usually refers to embroidered fabrics, generally used as clothing accessories, but now there is no lack of designers as a mainstream fabric. Because of its exquisite embroidery patterns, it is full of luxury and romantic atmosphere. If lace material is used on accessories, it is suitable for any style, and it will be more fashionable to be small or straight as a fabric.

According to its kind, lace fabric can be divided into elastic lace fabric and non elastic lace fabric, collectively referred to as lace fabric. The main ingredients of elastic lace fabric are spandex and nylon. (usually the ratio is spandex 10% + nylon 90%). The non elastic lace fabric is: 100% nylon; this fabric can be dyed in one color. If you use 100% polyester as material, this fabric can be dyed in one color. If it is made of 85% cotton +15% nylon, then this fabric can be dyed in single color; if it is made of 65% nylon +35 polyester. This fabric can be dyed in two colors, that is, two kinds of dyed color.

Lace fabric suitable for the general style used in straight or with small tailed style, cover on other fabrics, can reflect the bride's exquisite figure, if used as accessories, any style is available. General price abroad, especially France lace price is quite high, domestic lace on a lot cheaper, the overall price is moderate or partial.

How to distinguish between good and bad lace fabric?

Mid-range computer lace (300-800, a second tier brand commonly used lace): easy to hook silk; stereo feeling, permeability were significantly better than Lewis lace; the process is simple, compared with line structure of the firmness of the province; in general, the color fastness of medium, better computer lace material close in less than 3 months will be the beginning of pilling, deformation, poor lace is easy to become loose, spandex ran out, loss of elasticity, feel more soft, lace mesh structure than Lewis sparse lot.

Ordinary Lace: soft and loose, elastic in general, no three-dimensional sense, the pattern is not clear, lace is not transparent. Basically wash one or two times, began to run out of spandex yarn.

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