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In January 18, 2013, Guangdong Cheng Yongjia weaving industry Co. Ltd. and ZARA fast fashion brand in the International Exhibition Center in Guangdong province held a formal signing ceremony, the two sides will reach lace cooperation between the supply in the next five years, and jointly held in the country of brand exhibition. ZARA is the world's well-known fast fashion brand image, occupy a great consumer market in the world, is praised as "the world's largest fast fashion brand, the clothing industry has made a remarkable achievement. Guangdong Yongjia Cheng weaving industry Co. Ltd is...
2017 - 07 - 03
Chinese Wind dress, a new fashion trends, into people's vision, elegant with a mysterious, pageKnitted embroidered dress2017, waiting time, waiting time, cotton pick let us meet, we tried to put the encounter into a beautiful encounter, put on it, gently step on the lawn. The length and width of sleeve dress, double fabric, outer knitting embroidery design, classical temperament on the stage of small collar, pattern highlights the sense of design, special irregular hem lace, elegant and beautiful. Previous pagenext pageChinese national style women's clothingThe world is hard to f...
2017 - 07 - 02
Editor's note: the sandy land on the South Bank of the Qian Tang river is a rich and prosperous place. Sandy land is the golden land nurtured by the spring tide of the Qian Tang River, and the east of the river was born because of sand reclamation! Before 1970, here is a piece of land, a short period of forty years, the changes in turn the world upside down occurrence of saline soil, now skyscrapers, cottages already hard to find in the past, now and people come from buildings. Great changes have taken place in the Great East River, and the roots of history are spreading. The industrious sand ...
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Online shopping caused panic in the clothing industry offline

release date: 2017-07-05
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NetEase Francisco July 12th message, according to CNBC reports, the retail industry analysis firm One Click Retail released the latest report, who went to the retail store to buy bra and underwear the embarrassment of women is now turning to online buying underwear, which help Amazon get ideal market share. The so-called "Amazon effect" once again raised concerns, this time in the clothing industry triggered panic.

Online, shopping, caused, panic, in, the, clothing, industry, offline

The Internet giant current business has been covering electronics, entertainment, books and so on, even recently announced through the acquisition of Whole Foods into the grocery industry, but Amazon in strengthening their clothing products has always been relatively low-key. In 2016, the total value of the U.S. clothing market (including online and offline) was $200 billion, of which $3 billion 400 million was amazon. Last year, clothing sales in the United States grew by 3%, but Amazon's sales in the US apparel sector grew by 25% over the same period.

One Click Retail data show that in 2016 the Amazon website showed the best clothing categories (male and female sales of $375 million), tights (sales of $375 million), women's denim ($170 million in sales), men's underwear ($165 million in sales). Amazon representatives did not immediately respond to CNBC's request for comment on these figures.

Kantar Retail analyst Meagan Waller (Meaghan Werle) said, Amazon this week for the third annual "Prime Day" activities, the network of retailers to improve their sales in the field of fashion is the perfect opportunity. Waller is concerned about how Amazon uses its own brand name, especially in the fashion world. She thinks Amazon can do more.

During the sneak rush of the Amazon Prime Day, the company said its exclusive clothing, handbags and more products were sold between 4 and 50 percent off. Amazon also says its Prime members enjoy a 30% discount on choosing men, women, children and baby clothing. This spring, Amazon teamed up with Carter's to launch Simple Joys, a string of bundled children's clothing. Carter's designs these garments, which are sold exclusively on Amazon, mainly for Amazon Prime members.

Prior to that, Amazon was selling its own branded clothing, but they barely sold it online. So far, Amazon has launched the so-called "bread and butter" strategy in clothing, which makes clothing a "daily necessity" rather than a luxury. "Our data show that Amazon has achieved great success in necessities and daily necessities such as jeans, socks, underwear and men's work clothes," One Click Retail reported."

However, in their efforts to achieve free shopping experience in the process, Amazon is investing in innovation, including payment, order fulfillment and product selection, now there is Amazon Prime Wardrobe, the return policy is more flexible. One of the pressures to ease the shopping experience is to test Prime Wardrobe, a new Amazon fashion platform that looks similar to Stitch, Fix, and Trunk Club apparel subscriptions.

Amazon's Web site claims that Prime Wardrobe includes brands other than Amazon's private brands such as Adidas, Calvin, Klein, Levi's, and Hugo Boss. The service allows customers to order items such as shoes, clothes, or accessories without having to pay in advance, and only when they decide to keep things. Shoppers have 7 days to decide whether they want to leave something.

What's more, Amazon's expansion in the clothing market could stretch into the physical world. As early as the announcement of the acquisition of Whole Foods, some analysts began to speculate that Amazon will also buy professional clothing retailers, such as Luluemon. Fung Global Retail & Technology recently released a study that said Amazon could make a massive acquisition of real estate in the future, including department stores, discount stores and specialty stores.

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